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Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer

Dawn has been a longtime supporter and advocate for mental health wellness. She is a suicide attempt survivor and has managed her depression, anxiety, and panic attacks on a daily basis for many years. She knows and understands the struggles of just trying to make it through a day. When her dear friend, Jamie, lost her mother to suicide in January 2016, she felt called to action to help Jamie as well as others hurting from the loss of a loved one from suicide and also for those suffering from suicidal thoughts. She has been triumphant over those thoughts and wants to encourage as many people as possible that it does get better. She grew up as an "Air Force Brat," traveling the world with her family, is a Navy veteran, and proud Navy wife whose husband retired after 30 years of service. The military, both active duty and veterans, are very near and dear to her heart. She is a strong advocate for mental health counseling along with self discovery and healing through reading, support groups, and classes. She hopes to bridge the gap in helping people find the help that is needed.

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Dawn Adamek: Meet the Team
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